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About This Product


Telematics Smart Plug is an innovative product from BOSCH that can save life in the case of a road accident. The device automatically detects a car crash and sends notification messages to emergency contacts with GPS location. Additionally it provides trip details with MAP, driving statistics, monitors driving behaviour also serves as a fast charger (1.5A) for your mobile device. This is a plug and play solution that fits into the 12V outlet of any passenger car.


Safety device for all car users in case of a road accident and comes with both android as well as IOS app.
Detects a car crash and automatically sends emergency alerts to contacts pre-saved in the app.
Family members/friends of a car user will now get to know about car crash immediately with the help of this device and can facilitate avail better medical facilities.
Driving behaviour analysis: Driving Score & Driving Rank based on driving events like braking, acceleration and cornering.
Get the details of every trips done in your car on your smart phone with the route map.
Plug-n-Play device that also provides you with a fast and reliable charging port of 1.5 A for your mobile device. Fits into 12V outlet of any passenger car.
High Security: Doesn’t connect with IT architecture of your car.


Important To Know


We need your logo and artwork in CDR or AI Format.
We will share artwork rendering for sampling and once approved proceed for production.
Printing on this product is digital or screen.
Packaging is standard please check with us for custom packing.
If you have specific requirement for master carton please inform us.