Original Smiley Brand Reusable Anti Viral Face Mask - with 2 Certified Filters- Black AOP

Code:- COVID-345

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About This Product


This is India's first, unique, Anti Viral  Face Mask, original Smiley Brand with some of the best features that one could possibly get in the market with the added benefit of comfort and durability. This mask is SITRA certified and comparable to the  N 95 mask or an N 95 respirator mask. It has an added advantage of the additional replaceable filters that protects you from 95% dust, germs, and viruses out there. Unlike other cloth masks available in the market, this could be hand washed and reused up to 40 washes due to its durable splash resistant material. This masks is proudly MADE IN INDIA More importantly, when you buy this mask, you also contribute  to  Feedmycity in their initiative towards feeding those suffering from hunger and for providing personal protection masks for under-resourced communities during the COVID pandemic.


  • The Mask is made with a “BREATHABLE” Anti microbial fabric and the fabric.
  •  Each pack contains 2 filter changes ( SITRA certified).
  • The 2 FILTER inserts provided goes between the inner and outer layers of the face mask – this FILTER is certified:  PFE 98.96%, BFE 99.35%.
  • The mask offers up to 95 % protection and is comparable to an N95 mask
  • Product Design- The Mask is made of 2 layers: Outer layer - Highly durable, high definition printed polyester fabric and an Inner layer that is made of a comfortable soft cotton fabric. This helps protect against skin irritations while wearing the mask.
  • The fasteners are of high-grade elastic that fit around the head and NOT the Ear. This ensures that it fits perfectly for different head shapes and face types and also ensures that it is comfortable while wearing the mask. (Looping around the Ear causes discomfort or pain with prolonged use). The fit adjustment mechanism is with tubular locks.
  • The mask has a unique design feature of the “nose bridge insert"", which keeps the fabric away from your nostril, making breathing easy and avoiding the feeling of suffocation with prolonged use. (a common problem existing in regular cloth masks).
  • Product Hygiene Features- The entire mask is washable and can be hand washed up to 40 times & more. Please hand wash and not machine wash.
  • This mask is perfect for multiple uses for common citizens for self-protection as compared to N95 which recommends disposal after 4/5 uses. 
  • It is portable - you could fold the mask and carry it anywhere you like.
  • Splash Resistant
  • Designs Available: Black AOP, Black Smiley, Yellow Smile, Black Solid, and White AOP.
  • 3 packs Set: Any 3 random designs from the above would be sent for each order.
  • Single pcs orders please connect on whatsapp chat : 9594070940


Important To Know


We need your logo and artwork in CDR or AI Format.
We will share artwork rendering for sampling and once approved proceed for production.
Printing on this product is digital or screen.
Packaging is standard please check with us for custom packing.
If you have specific requirement for master carton please inform us.