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About This Product


These water glasses are made of high quality copper and stainless steel. Copper is slightly soluble in water, so water kept in these glasses inhibits the growth of Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi. Beside this water kept in this set clears the waste attached with intestinal wall & keeps the stomach free from all stomach diseases. Body and makes a person cheerful. The inner side where water is filled is made in pure copper while outer side is made in stainless steel.

The Health Benefits:
1. Can Kill Bacteria
2. Stimulates Your Brain
3. Regulates The Working Of The Thyroid Gland
4. Beats Arthritis And Inflamed Joints
5. Skin Health And Melanin Production
6. Slows Down Ageing
7. Helps The Digestive System Perform Better
8. Aids In Weight Loss
9. Beats Anemia
10. Helps Heal Wounds Faster


Important To Know


We need your logo and artwork in CDR or AI Format.
We will share artwork rendering for sampling and once approved proceed for production.
Printing on this product is digital or screen.
Packaging is standard please check with us for custom packing.
If you have specific requirement for master carton please inform us.