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Case Study: Promotional Gift Set for GSA Industries

BrandSTIK has developed a Promotional Gift Set for GSA Industries’ Channel Partners as a token of appreciation for being a part of their ventures for 20+ years. This includes a Fabric Diary, a Black Magnetic Pen, Faux Leather Visiting Card Holder, and an 8GB SanDisk Pen Drive, packed in a Black Box. These gifts have been branded with the GSA Industries’ Logo. 1) Black Magnetic Pen 2) Faux Leather Visiting Card Holder 3) Brown Fabric Diary 4) 8GB SanDisk Pen Drive 5) Black Top Bottom Box - Packaging   Develop a unique gift set with us for your brand for your client, employees and channel partners, the minimum order quantity is 100 pcs. For more information or to see a sample, drop us a mail on, you can call us on +91 8879383935, Whatsapp us on +91 7506454524, or chat with us live on our website   Check Out Our Latest Featured Projects on Instagram
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Bluetooth EarPods for Years by BrandSTIK

Earphones have a special place in the hearts and ears, almost 87% of the world’s population use headphone whether it is to listen your favourite tune or to attend to a business call. With time earphones have evolved into EarPods with the power of Bluetooth growing smaller, packed with super bass and noise cancellation, making the joy of listening to your jam 10x more enjoyable and talking on those important con calls much easier. BrandSTIK brings you our handpicked range of Bluetooth Earphones (Branded and Non Branded) packed with super sound and quality at affordable prices especially for your Employees, Clients, and Channel Partners. A special offer awaits our clients. Use Coupon Code "FABTODAY" to get FLAT 30% Off on K2 EarPods. Scroll down to find out more. 1) Bluetooth EarPodsEarphone jacks are becoming a thing of the past; the wireless age has dawned upon us. The trendy travel case holds Bluetooth Ear pods with a built in microphone and volume control. The charging cable of the ear pods is concealed and is neatly packed to become a part of the case itself. Ample branding space gives the merchandise an edge over the others. 2) Loop – Bluetooth EarphonesStereo Wireless Earphones, with a secure neck band and a durable cable. Enhanced Audio and Bass with Noise Reduction and Echo Cancellation; Built in Microphone and Volume Control. 3) K2 Ear PodsDesigned with Super Sound Quality an Audio Processing System that eliminates Noise and Echoes. A High Quality Chip for Enhanced Stereo Sound and Bass Sound. Clear High & Low Volume It's Easy To Take and Make Calls, Voice Dialing with Superior Microphone Quality. 4) Noise ShotsShots SPORT are truly wireless earphones designed for sports and active lifestyles. An Inbuilt microphone for hands free calling, lets you make and receive calls without taking your phone out of your pocket. A rugged metal charging case is included and your Shots SPORT wireless earpods snap into it magnetically to charge. An IPX4 rating means that your Shots SPORT Bluetooth earpods are sweatproof and splashproof. 5) Noise Shots X3Wireless Shots X3 BASS have a sleek, low profile design that doesn’t stick out of your ears and a charging case that fits in your pocket. Truly wireless ear pods let you never worry about messy cables again. Find the perfect, secure, in-ear fit with 3 pairs of earbud tips included. Inbuilt microphone and stereo voice calling lets you hear calls better, even in noisy environments. IPX4 rated sweat proof wireless earphones fit into your lifestyle and makes for one less thing to worry about.BRANDSTIK SPECIAL CLIENT OFFER! Offer Valid from 19th March upto 25th March both dates inclusive | Offer valid Till Stock Last How to Redeem > Visit > Enter the product name > Add Product to Cart > Apply Coupon Code 'FABTODAY' and get FLAT 30% OFF > Continue to Purchase Customize a pair of these Bluetooth EarPods for your Employees, Clients and Channel Partners, complete with your Company’s branding and Logo. Minimum Order Quantity of 20 pieces. For more information or to see a sample, drop us a mail on, you can call us on +91 8879383935, Whatsapp us on +91 7506454524, or chat with us live on our website
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Giveaways for Real Estate Client: Nirman Group

BrandSTIK developed a giveaway kit for Real Estate client Nirman Group as a gratification for site visits to their potential customers. Such giveaways are a great way to create awareness and ensure recall for the brand long after the customers have come for site visits. BrandSTIK can provide low cost, high impact merchandise for aiding recall and sales for Real Estate Clients. PU Leather Card Holder for Nirman Group Mobile Charging Station for Nirman Group Another great idea to boost your visibility through giveaways is, Wooden Desktop Accessory (for CRIF Solutions)  Develop one for your brand with a minimum order quantity: as low as 100 pcs. For more information or to see a sample, drop us a mail on, you can call us on +91 8879383935, Whatsapp us on +91 7506454524, or chat with us live on our website   Check Out Our Latest Featured Projects on Instagram
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